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  • Pelvic Floor Strong Program
  • Bonus: Pelvic Floor Strong Informational Manual
  • Bonus: Diastasis Recti Improvement Checklist
  • Bonus: Flat Belly Fast 10-Minute Quick Start Manual
  • Bonus: Flat Belly Fast 10-Minute Exercise Video
  • Bonus: Emily's Back To Life 3-Stretch Pain-Free program
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"I don't have to stay close to the washroom anymore"

- Anette, 55

“My anxiety was beginning to take over my life because I couldn’t control my bladder. I have been practicing Alex’s program for the past 10-weeks, and since starting it my leaking has completely gone away. I was able to stop taking my anxiety and acid reflux medication! I have been going for 10 kilometer walks because I don’t have to stay close to the washroom anymore and I have lost 10 pounds already! I don’t have any intention in stopping, I have never felt so motivated to keep up with my exercises. My wish is for every woman suffering from urinary incontinence to be able to try Alex’s program.”

"I have totally stopped leaking"

- Lorna, 79

“I have been leaking my entire life after having three children. I thought it was normal and I can remember many times being out of the house and I had to rush home because my pants were soaked. After trying Alex’s program, I have totally stopped leaking. I no longer have to worry about having an accidental in public. It is also a nice surprise that my core is now stronger and my back pain has gone away. All without having to make any changes to my routine! 3 minutes, that’s all!”

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"There is life beyond the house"

- Linda, 64

“My experience with Alex has been pretty darn good. I started on this journey hoping to get some relief and Alex has been very helpful along the way. Any time I have needed anything I just emailed her and she responded very quickly. I so appreciate that. As I started out watching the initial video that I had seen on Facebook I became interested and thought “this may be the clear ticket for me” so I investigated further and it has been a great surprise! The biggest change in my life since starting Pelvic Floor Strong is feeling more confident that I can still get out there, there is life beyond the house and I can just enjoy life again!”

"My bladder leakage had significantly improved!"

- Mary, 56

“The turning point for me was years of a long build up of years of laughing, sneezing and peeing myself. I considered a pessary and surgery, but those didn’t feel like the right option for me. It was then that I stumbled upon Alex’s program and within one week my bladder leakage had significantly improved! The biggest change for me since starting the program is, of course, that I am no longer leaking! I just feel so free and I don’t have to worry about that next accident”.

Facebook Review.
Facebook Review.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I just don’t have enough time in my day to do this program?

Don’t worry, I know how busy life can get. Whether you’re a grandparent watching your grandkids while running a household or a working woman, this program was made to be quick and easy so that it blends seamlessly into your normal life.

Will this work for someone who is 60+?

Yes, this program is specifically for women 40+, however I’ve found some of the best results are from women 60+. I have designed modifications and variations in the movements to customize the program for your specific needs.

What if I’m not in good enough shape?

This program is the most gentle movement program in the market with the most efficient results. If you find any of the movements are too much for you, there is plenty of non-intimidating modifications to build your strength from the ground, up.

Will this program work for someone who had their children 15+ years ago?

Yes, in fact, the longer it has been since you had your children, the easier it will be to heal your layer syndrome, stopping your leaking and diastasis recti.

What if I’ve had a C-section, will this program still work for me?

Yes, in fact, many women experience leakage and weak pelvic muscles even if they’ve had a C-section due to the weight and pressure of the baby. This is very common and Pelvic Floor Strong will work just as well for you.

What if I’ve never given birth, will this program will work for me?

Although these ailments are more common in women after childbirth, I personally have never had children and I experienced pelvic floor dysfunction and leaking. This program will still help you the exact same way it helped me!

Is all of my credit card information secure and safe?

Yes, your personal information is 100% protected because we use the same encryption data as Amazon, the most secure software data on the market.

Will my credit card be billed more than once?

No, once you enter your credit card information, you will be charged a one time payment. You will never be charged again.

What if this program doesn’t work for me??

If the program doesn’t work for you, you have a 60-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

PS. You’re in good hands and I’ll be with you every step of the way.

I’ve designed this with your health in mind.

Please make sure to write in after to let me know about your amazing results.

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